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Educational Support Programs

Tutoring and Homework Help

We Offer regular tutoring sessions to help students with their homework and provide additional support in challenging subjects.

Scholarship and Educational Grants

We established a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance for higher education and vocational training to deserving orphans and yo

Computer Literacy Workshops

We periodically organize workshops to teach basic computer skills, including typing, using software applications, and internet safety.

Library and Reading Program

We have set up a library with a collection of educational and inspirational books to promote reading habits and enhance learning.


Nutritional Support Programs

Nutrition Workshops

We educate caregivers and youth about the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy meal preparation on a budget.

Community Gardens

We mobilize the community to start community gardens to grow fruits and vegetables, involving youth in planting, nurturing, and harvesting nutritious produce.

Meal Programs

We provide daily or weekly nutritious meals to children, ensuring they receive proper nourishment.

Nutrition Awareness Campaigns

We conduct awareness campaigns about the importance of good nutrition and its impact on overall health and well-being.


Skilling and Vocational Training Programs

Life Skills Workshops

We offer workshops on essential life skills such as communication, time management, financial literacy, and problem-solving.

Vocational Training Centers

We are establishing vocational training centers to teach practical skills like carpentry, sewing, welding, and culinary arts to help youth become self-sufficient.

Entrepreneurship Programs

We provide training in entrepreneurship, helping young individuals learn how to start and manage small businesses.

Internships and Apprenticeships

We collaborate with local businesses to offer internships and apprenticeships, giving youth hands-on experience in various industries.


Mentorship and Counseling Programs

Mentorship Programs

We pair youth with experienced mentors who can provide guidance, emotional support, and career advice.

Counseling Services

We offer counseling and psychological support to help children and youth cope with trauma, grief, and personal challenges.

Leadership Development Workshops

We conduct workshops that focus on developing leadership skills, self-confidence, and the ability to inspire and lead others.

Character and Values Education Through Spiritual Nurturing

By principle we integrate teachings on Christian values, ethics, and moral principles to help youth become responsible and compassionate individuals through organising fellowships, praying, scripture sharing and praise and worship.

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