• Kyamasongi A, Busoro, Fort Portal, Kabarole, Uganda
Empowering Development

Supporting children, youth and women

Busoro Christ Love Outreach Ministries is a Christian based community nonprofit initiative operating at grass root level. The main objectives being spreading the gospel, supporting vulnerable children, youth and poor women.
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How You Can Support

How You Can Support Us And Make A Difference


Your time and expertise can make a significant impact. Whether you have a passion for mentoring, teaching, or organizing events, your involvement can shape young lives.


Financial contributions go a long way in providing essential resources, educational materials, and support services to the youth and orphans we serve.

Spread Awareness

Share our mission with your network. The more people who know about our work, the more lives we can touch and transform.


If your organization shares our vision, consider partnering with us to amplify our impact. Collaborative efforts can bring about substantial change.

About Organisation

We Are A Volunteering Based Community

Busoro Christ Love Outreach Ministries is a Christian based community nonprofit initiative operating at grass root level. The main objectives being supporting vulnerable children, youth and poor women.

The organization was founded in August 20th ,2020 by Mr. & Mrs. Kankya Bruce and registered as a community based organization and later incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Since the organization was founded, 61 vulnerable children have directly benefited.

Mr. Kankya
Our Programs

Empowering Youth And Women Improve Their Income Status


Educational Support

We Offer regular tutoring sessions, scholarship fund, organize workshops and promote reading habits.


Nutritional Support

We educate caregivers and youth about the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy meal preparation on a budget.


Skilling And Vocational Training

We offer workshops on essential life skills such as communication, time management, financial literacy, and problem-solving.


Mentorship And Counseling

We pair youth with experienced mentors who can provide guidance, emotional support, and career advice.

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The Founder's Story

About Mr. Kankya

My Personal Background

My love to support the vulnerable children started as early as 2006 at the age of 12 when I was in primary seven (P.7) at Kibiito primary school. This was a critical time in my life. Three months after losing my father due to HIV/AIDS. My mother succumbed to HIV/AIDS too four years earlier.

Having found a way of fundraising from family friends and well-wishers to keep me and my siblings in school, I decided to start an initiative to help a few other boys with whom we shared the same plight of losing our parents. The little resources I got, I divided it among other vulnerable fellow children against all most people’s will. Since their argument was that I was too needy to help others.

Client Feedback

What People Say About Us

Busoro is an amazing place that really touched me from the beginning. I've never felt so welcomed anywhere else. It's like life giving you a big hug—stepping on the ground and connecting with people at a deep level. I ended up there almost by accident and experienced kindness without expecting anything in return.
In Uganda, they focus on the essentials, stripping away what's not really needed to discover the most human parts of people. Now, let me tell you about Bruce and Sarah—they're like the superheroes of making the future better. They help just because it feels right. They're part of this chain where one person helps another, and step by step, they're building a nicer world.
What struck me about the project is that everyone there is eager to learn from outsiders, and the atmosphere is all about smiles and kindness. The moment you arrive, you feel at home because there are no barriers. You're instantly part of this fantastic community right in the heart of Uganda.

By Teresa Mejia

Busoro has been one of the reasons why I have fallen in love with Africa and its people. The work they do to ensure that children and adolescents have food, shelter and a family is incredible. Sarah and Bruce do an incredible job as parents. I visited Busoro for an afternoon and its children gave me such great happiness that from that day on I decided to collaborate with them and play with them every day. Sarah and Bruce told me many stories and I was able to learn up close the reality of many children and families. I immediately decided to do my part by sponsoring 2 girls, Mercy and Shifa, so they could go to school. I am very grateful that you have made my trip the best experience of my life. I'm sure I'll come back.

By Josu Munduate
Aims And Objectives

Organisational Aims And Objectives

1. To support and improve education by establishing and constructing schools in community kindergarten, primary and secondary, provide scholastic materials, basic needs and any other essential requirements for their livelihood.

2. To empower young people, believe in themselves/ dreams and enable them acquire income from formal and informal jobs so that they are able to support themselves.

3. To foster a positive change in the community altitudes and practices like agriculture, fish farming, bricks making and eco-tourism

4. To enhance and promote rural tourism development and improve international cooperation with some charities and friends who can support education and other projects.


Supporting vulnerable children, youth and poor women

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